OPS Be Friender

OPS Be Friender

OPS Be Friender

ONE PLANET BEFRIENDING The Befriending team would help our society in befriending the lonely and the people who need a friend to talk.

The team will help in every way they can assist their new friends to keep them away from the harmful paths we all face daily.

The team will try to help their new friend’s hands to get by all the obstacles the might find going the society and getting their career moving. Each befriender will be the advocate of their friend who would try to understand their goals and endeavours to help them to reach all their goals.

The team has responsibility towards their fellow man and will have to demons to all that they are leading a good example to be followed.

The team responsibilities will include helping the society to befriend the lonely, isolated and individuals those are looking for a friend to confide in and trust.

This team will be in a unique and confidential relationship with your friend and will help to motivate and guide them away from the harmful paths we all face on a daily basis. You will achieve this by tallying to your friend daily, taking long walks across our beautiful 256 acre site and just giving them a shoulder to lean on.

Befriender will also involve you to understand and develop your friends’ goals and ambitions, while endeavouring to help achieve them no matter the time scale involved. Once achieved the gratifying feeling will be worth the time and effort invested. The responsibility of the team is to demonstrate to all that we are leading a good example to be followed.

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