OPS Bee Keeping

OPS Bee Keeping


In addition to our One Planet Society ethos of giving help and support to vulnerable, lonely people our aim is to produce an cultivate our on food primarily for our own consumption but also to raise an income for the benefit of our members. To this end we help with our beekeeping programme. The society aims to have a number of beehives in suitable locations on our land to produce our own organic honey.

Bees are very important to our planet and it is well known that they are suffering a big decline in their numbers, possibly due to means use of pesticides and insecticides. We want our bees to live and thrive in our organic pesticide free environment.

Bees need regular maintenance; they need nurturing and feeding in the winter and regular checks. We want our volunteers to help to build hives to package and market our honey and keep track of our bee keeping programme. We want skilled and unskilled people who can interact with old and young people, the disabled + who share a similar love of bees.

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