OPS Catering

OPS Catering

The Catering team will have to feed all the society members and those that need food.

The Catering team will also work to feed our private paying members in order to keep the society purse with income to sponsor its other activities.

The team has to work closely with the farming team, gardening team management team and R- Team in order to meet all the required ingredients needed to produce/ cook the healthiest organic food. This team has to be very aware of the best food to keep the S- members health at a tiptop level.

The team has to work with universities in order to learn what food is best to serve and to plan for the best interest of the society.

Bearing all that in mind feast of the dishes still has to be the best in the market in order to promote our ability to achieve healthy, quality and feast.

OPS grown procure to create flavorsome one of a kind dishes. This team must have expertise in the food and beverage areas, or willing to learn and absorb information from others around you.

The catering team will be responsible to feed and water society members, while focusing on providing food for the less fortunate residing around our Cardiff site. Team will also provide catering for the private paying guests and for our major events and activities. Thus the food served must be extremely high quality, as these financial incomes will sponsor the societies’ other departments.