OPS Events

OPS Events

The activities team will be responsible to brainstorm ideas and develop them into major spectacles to entertain the society and guests that will be staying at our sites.

This team will have to be organized and full of energy to arrange events such as birthdays’ parties for society members making each one unique and full of love, so we as a society can show our appreciation to our members.

Weddings for members and paying guests will also be an integral part of the activities and events team, as you will be putting on a show for the biggest day in a bride & grooms life giving them the last send off in their pursuit of happiness on behalf of OPS. Events are not limited to this but include:

 Formal society shows
 Religious festivals
 Pilgrimage
 Outdoor events e.g. paintballing
 Trips abroad
 Nights out
 Lodge Fire events
This activities and events team, we will have major part to play in keeping the society entertained and displaying the right public image to the outside world.

We will be assigned one event in which they have a specific strength in to undertake and deliver. This will ensure the events and activities will be of the highest quality.

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