OPS Faith

OPS Faith

This team become members of the OPF congregation to increase their faith and belief in God through spiritual power and connection.

OPF believes in one power, one God and the thesis of “Love one another” through mutual understanding and respect.

Team in our clergy will support and promote the practice of all religions that members of one planet society believe in, and encompass these religions in one united service held during the week.

The team will also help and lend an ear to the OPF congregation and society members with all their personal issues and challenges they may be facing. They will achieve this through the power of prayer and teachings from the holy books.

OPF will also be practical and be able to help with bereavement and burial services that will be held at the private OPS cemetery while also conducting wedding ceremonies and major religious festivals.

Clergy volunteers will organize weekly meetings to discuss and implement ideas within the sanctuary while meeting the ongoing needs of its congregation and OPS as a whole.

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