OPS Housekeeping


OPS Housekeeping

The Housekeeping team will be responsible for all visitors and common areas. They will keep the standard of the society respectfully ad with dignity.

The image of the society will be one of great importance.

The team will be selected to be OCD in their ways to make sure that not a spot has been missed.

Keeping our facility clean daily will promote a healthy living even among living with live animals.

The team would endeavour to teach our society how cleanliness is a key to keep our faith and self dignity.

The team will help to teach all the way of self hygiene and managing the vast attack of bacteria we face in today’s world.

Talks weekly on the topic will be assuaged to educate all by the team in order to left awareness on the subject and its effect on our health.

OPS take great pride in its hygiene practices and the overall cleanliness of the site. We must keep up these standards and always strive to provide OPS members and guests with the most clean and comfortable stay possible.

We will comprise of daily checks on site to collect and properly dispose of litter so that not damaging the environment.

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