OPS Media


OPS Media

We will bring members of a crew together such as writers, directors, producers, costume design, visual effects and actors and help them work together to create amazing movies, short films and infomercials.

Also we will pass the knowledge on how to achieve this under our studies those are in training to become a fare in the media industry.

Thus spreading and promoting the OPS ethos to as many people as possible. We will also work closely with the welcoming team to create a virtual tour using visual and sound aids to induct new members and guests in the most fantastic and futuristic way possible.

We will undertake consist of setting up an OPS Theatre, OPS Radio Channel and implementing many different online and TV owners to reach every demographic possible. Thus OPS’s ethos reaching as many eyes and ears being young or old as it can.

We will develop over time once our international sites are set up, will be to keep all sites linked together with news and information about one another allowing all members to know what is happening with OPS and its members on a global scale.

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