OPS Mentor

OPS Mentor

We shall guide to our apprentice constructively in the right path.

We shall hold match making meetings so mentors and apprentices are chosen and linked through mutual interest and therefore the chance of success will be higher.

Mentors will also organize and conduct weekly meetings, where we will set your apprentice goals and targets to meet and correct any mistakes they have been making. Through this mentors will be able to keep a record of their apprentices’ progress and help them succeed in their desired field.

Mentors incorporate a mixture of literature and practical activities in their teachings, thus keeping apprentices excited and eager to perfect their field, which could range from music, sports, drama all the way to business studies.

Mentors will also design and implement an achievement award, once they feel their apprentice has attained a certain degree of knowledge, and then create a ceremony where apprentices are presented with it, making them feel proud and happy within themselves.

Mentors must also help their apprentice using their newly gained knowledge to give back to the society in their specific field, or it alternatively the apprentice would like to launch themselves independently from the society carry on guiding and supporting them whenever needed.

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